Tid Bits #2

It’s March and lots of changes are on their way. 
First of all, Spring is on it’s way. This week the temperatures got up to the low 60’s with lots of sun. Everyone is feeling the change in the weather and the streets and parks have exploded with people. 
The other week Luca and I were out shopping and it had been raining. When we walked out of the store where we were – the sun had come out. I knew there had to be a rainbow around somewhere. Sure enough after we got in the car and turned the corner there was a big rainbow. As were driving back home the rainbow just kept getting bigger and bigger. I  think it was the biggest rainbow I have ever seen. I don’t know how you can see a rainbow and not be reminded of God’s promise.
 A student at the elementary school brought in a special treat for his classmates. They were fruit flavored gummy candies. He offered me one and so I tried it and it was so good.  It was above and beyond my expectations for a fruit candy. I have been tempted ever since to buy some at the grocery store but always resisted. The other day I couldn’t resist and yes, they are one of the best candies I have ever had. (To be honest I ate the whole bag in two days!) They have different flavors packaged together and the best is grapefruit and peach. 
 March 8th is International Women’s Day. In Italy there is the tradition of giving women a little bouquet or mimosas. The beautiful yellow flower pictured below. The days leading up to March 8th you’ll see mimosas appearing in shop windows and flower shops and there is even a special cake they make that looks like these fluffy pom pom like flower. 
We don’t really recognize this day in the United States so it doesn’t seem like an important “festa” holiday. But I have the feeling that many Italian women see this kind of like Valentines Day. ALL the ladies are walking around with little bouquets of flowers so if you don’t get one you feel left out, not recognized. 
 I told Luca I would like some flowers but we were out all day running around, doing errands, and so I knew that he didn’t have time to get flowers. However, at the last minute in the car driving back, there were men selling them in the street at the red lights and Luca bought me a bouquet. We later stopped at a bakery  and inquired about a mimosa cake but after learning that it would cost 33 euros we decided against it. 
It’s been incredibly nice being able to drive to work now. I save around 40 minutes on my commute compared to when I have to take the bus. 
Our puppy is growing and is becoming braver each day. We started taking her outside to the gardens and every time we take her out, the braver she is at home. After a week now of walking her outside she’s happy to go out, wags her tail, and loves meeting other dogs. We took her to the vet and she did surprisingly well. A week ago we would have to drag her everywhere, now she’s roaming around independently! 
Standing outside the vet 
One of the first trips to the gardens. So scared with her tail behind her legs!