Croatia – Rovinj, Krk, Zadar

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 The first week of September Luca, T, and I headed off for our first family – of – 3 holiday to Croatia. We were undecided of where we wanted to go, we debated between going to the south of Italy or traveling to a European capital like London or Paris. In the end, Croatia seemed the easiest option with a baby.DSC_0035

We rented a car for a 6 day road trip. The first day we drove from Bologna to Rovinj, which is about a 5 hour drive. Rovinj is part of the Istrian Peninsula which used to part of Italy until the 18th Century. It’s a colorful, small, quaint town on the Adriatic coast. We arrived in the late afternoon and meandered around until sunset. We woke up early the following day so we could explore a little more, but decided really just half a day is enough to experience this little gem.

DSC_0021 DSC_0014

The next stop on our Croatian road trip was the Island of Krk. We stayed at a lovely B&B and after dropping off our luggage we set off to find one of the spectacular beaches. We followed the directions the hotel receptionist gave us, but we stopped short at Stara Baska instead of Baska. It was still beautiful and the timing probably worked out better for us anyway traveling with little T. In the evening we explored the medieval historical center of Krk which was surprisingly clean and easy to walk around. We would have been nice to have an extra day or two to see the other beaches and maybe take a boat trip but it was still worth the stop.

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The last city we visited was Zadar. Another quaint coastal town which was our favorite city on this trip. We enjoyed walking along the harbor front in the evening and listening to the sun salutation and sea organ created by the artist Nikola Bašić.
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The last day we drove about 7 hours from Zadar back up to Italy stopping in Trieste for the night so we could break up the drive.


What surprised us about Croatia was:

  1. We found the local people quite cold towards tourists, but that didn’t mean they were unhelpful.
  2. We weren’t prepared to pay the high price at the tolls
  3. And the food was really disappointing. We each enjoyed only one of our meals out.

We didn’t do everything we would have liked and didn’t see as much as we normally would have on a 6 day trip like this, but it was definitely a success for traveling with the little one for the first time.

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