How to Road Trip with a Baby

When T was almost 3 months old we decided to take a road trip to Croatia. We were a little daunted about the prospects of traveling with a baby but we didn’t want to be put off by the idea. T is now part of the family, and we love to travel, so he’s coming with us!

Road tripping with a baby made

Some people might think we are crazy for having traveled with a baby so little, but actually it probably made it easier than waiting for him to be bigger because honestly, he just slept for most of it.

The great thing about traveling by car, is that for most of the driving, T would fall asleep.

Our “life saver” was the baby carrier. We have two baby carriers, one is a Boba wrap and the other is a Baby Bjorn, for this trip we brought along the Baby Bjorn. It made roaming around the city centers easy and it was perfect for the national parks.

L with baby carrierB baby carrier

We also have the Chicco Trio Love stroller set. This comes with a bassinet, a car seat, and a regular stroller attachment. T had been sleeping in the bassinet anyway and so we brought it along and used it as his crib in the hotels and could also take it out and use as a stroller in the city. We also have a portable crib that easy collapses down, the Chicco Next2Me, and we could have brought that as well, which would work nicely for someone who doesn’t have a trio stroller set.

bassinet travel

But the most important key to traveling with a baby is set aside your expectations. We had much more planned than we realized we were able to do. So we re-adjusted our expectations and were still able to see and experience the great things Croatia has to offer.

And this goes without saying – you have to have PATIENCE. Probably every dinner we ate out, T started to become fussy and cry and we had to quickly wrap up our meal, pay the bill, and leave before we annoyed the whole restaurant. But at least we can say we tried.

It wasn’t impossible. 

So here is my advice for anyone who wants to take a road trip with a baby

  1. Plan a route that allows for stopping every 3 hours or so.
  2. Be flexible and don’t be set on your exact itinerary, if you need to skip a stop or stay somewhere longer, do it.
  3.  Take along a baby carrier and switch up who carries the baby.
  4. Bring along your own crib for the baby, whether it’s a portable collapsable one or a bassinet.  Have baby sleep in it some time before your trip so they can get used to it.
  5. Be patient. Most people are understanding of mishaps when you have a baby. You might arrive earlier or later than expected. The baby might be crying. Usually people want to dote over them and aren’t judging you even if it feels that way.
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