Who Loves Chocolate?

The chocolate show quickly came and went last week. This was the 11th year the show has come to Bologna. It always comes at the end of November which feels like such a magical time. The main piazza fills up with vendor’s stands lined with twinkle lights and offering hot chocolate – what better way to prepare for the holiday season?


Unfortunately everything being sold is over priced but it’s still worth it to walk around and take a look at the the fun chocolately things you can buy and maybe splurge on at least one delicious treat.IMG_5624 There is almost everything you can think of in chocolate! Every kind of chocolate imaginable, truffles, chocolate dipped orange rinds, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate crepes, chocolate waffles, churros with chocolate, chocolate macarons, chocolate fountains, chocolate liquors, and the list goes on. We treated ourselves to some macarons, decadent hot chocolate, and some truffles! IMG_5641

According to the cioccoshow website this year there were 95 vendors and 490 kilograms (1080 pounds) of chocolate was eaten just during the tasting workshops! IMG_5629IMG_5622 IMG_5628  IMG_5617

Care for any chocolate?

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