Newborn Essentials

Baby T is now 7 months old and it feels like he is growing so fast! Thinking back to when he was born and looking at photos from those first few weeks it seems as if he is a whole different baby. As he grows we’re putting away some his newborn accessories and switching out his little clothes. We also recently had to get a new car seat, baby carrier, and stroller for this growing boy! Newborn Essentials

You really don’t need that much stuff to prepare for a baby so, here is my short list of must-haves for a newborn to 3 months. These items were used every day and some of them we still use. 


 Gerber Cloth Diapers

We didn’t do cloth diapers, but instead we used these as burp cloths. They’re soft, thick, bigger than the average burp cloth and easily fold up so it’s perfect for throwing in a diaper bag or purse and are great for cleaning up any milk spills, spit up, drool etc. 


aden + anais Classic Muslin Swaddle BlanketThese blankets are absolutely amazing; they’re large, soft, thin, and perfect for wrapping up your baby. Baby T was born in the summer and it was so incredibly hot, however we still wanted him to be wrapped up and cozy, so these blankets were the perfect solution. They’re big enough that we’re still able to wrap Baby T at night. They were also great for lining the bassinet and for using as a sun cover with the stroller and car seat. We loved them so much that we ordered another 4-pack about month after baby was born! 


Skip Hop Pronto Changing StationThis changing mat has been so useful! It folds up to be nice and compact and it’s so easy to carry around but opens up to be a good size to cover any accidents. This is nice for putting down on public changing tables or when you’re somewhere that doesn’t have a changing table. It has some pockets on the inside so you can put wipes, a wash cloth, and diaper cream or other small items and easily bring just the mat with you and leave the diaper bag at home. 


Fitness Stability Ball
An exercise ball has been an absolute life saver for us. One night Baby T was really fussy and it seemed like nothing was helping him calm down. I was tired of holding him and walking around and bouncing him so I sat for a minute on the ball and started to bounce and Baby T immediately calmed down. Since that moment we have used the exercise ball to calm a fussy baby and to “rock” him to sleep. We don’t need to use the ball nearly as much as we used to, but every once and while it still comes in hand. 

These were our four newborn essentials. With Baby T swaddled in a blanket, a burp cloth close at hand, and an exercise ball in the room we were set for the day (of course also with some diapers and mamma’s milk). 

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