Thoughts on the Maternity Bag

Did you pack a maternity bag? What did you put in it? 

Baby T arrived 3 weeks early so my maternity bag wasn’t really packed. I had a bag with some swaddling blankets, a few changes of clothes for baby, and diapers. I didn’t have the chance to pack things for me yet, so Luca had to throw some things in a bag for me and hope that they would do.  

This article in the Guardian totally blew my mind. When you talk about pregnancy and labor, a common question is: “Where did you decide to give birth?” For a first time pregnancy there can be a lot of fear surrounding giving birth. Some women want a completely medicated birth so it won’t be so painful, others want an all natural birth and are afraid of being medicated in the case of complications. And usually some research is done on which hospital they prefer to go to.

While pregnant, I often thought about the delivery and had my concerns and fears however it never crossed my mind to even think about the hygiene of the hospital, having to bring my own necessities, or whether or not there would be clean water.

Looking at these pictures and realizing that pregnancy is a completely different experience for many women in many parts of the world without many choices. I can only feel very blessed and thankful for the services offered where I live. 

I had wanted to and had planned on giving birth in a maternity home hoping to have an as natural birthing experience as possible. I didn’t want to give birth in the hospital so I could avoid pressure from doctors to unnecessarily speed up or medicate the delivery. At the end of my pregnancy I had some complications and so I had to go to the hospital and was induced. Reflecting back on giving birth to baby T I feel kind of silly after having read this article. 

I am thankful I didn’t need to bring my razor blade to cut the umbilical cord. 

I am thankful I didn’t need to bring a plastic bag or tarp to cover the bed. 

I am thankful I didn’t need to bring my own toilet paper. 

I am thankful the hospital had clean, enclosed, modern toilets. 

I am thankful the hospital had clean running water. 

I am thankful the hospital had sterilization equipment. 

I am thankful that I gave birth in a place that didn’t put my health or the health of my baby at risk.

hospital birth

All women who give birth are warriors, but I think that a special acknowledgment should go out to all the women who endure particularly difficult circumstances throughout pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum. Giving birth is one of the most natural things in life, women have been doing it for centuries, however I pray that someday all women will have access to safe clean care for giving birth. 

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