Motherhood Reflections

Now that Baby T is 9 months old, I realize how quickly his first year is passing by. I feel that 3 months and 6 months were big milestones that were highly anticipated, just waiting eagerly until he reached 3 months and then 6 months. But now that he is 9 months old I wish I could already go back those early months. He is still so little, but growing so fast and learning something new everyday. I know that 1 year is just around the corner- I mean we’re already talking about his birthday party! 

I have to admit the first 3 months weren’t as difficult as I had imagined. We have been blessed with a relative calm “easy” baby. Baby T was born mid-June and it quickly became sweltering hot. The first 2 months of his life were spent sleeping in the living room, in the bassinet that was part of our Trio Stroller, the one place in our home that has air conditioning. I spent many nights on the couch and now Luca and I joke that he didn’t have to suffer the long sleepless nights those first weeks but instead had to deal with the hot humid nights and I slept in the AC living room on the couch with baby.

Baby feet

 Two weeks post-partum I was tired of being cooped up at home and wanted to get out. My mom, who was a huge help those first weeks, Luca, Baby T, and I all got in the car went to do some grocery shopping together. I was carrying Baby T around in the baby wrap and he did really well until about halfway through. I’ll never forget some of the terribly nasty looks I got from some of the women in the store. Most women in Italy aren’t out and about with a newborn under 1 month old. IMG_4743At 2 months old we had Thomas dip his little toes in the Mediterranean Sea for the first time. He wasn’t too excited about the cold water! 

At almost 3 months old while traveling around the Croatian coast we realized that Baby T could hold his back up which felt like a huge milestone.

At 4 months he took his first trip to the USA.

At 5 months he was starting sitting up on his own, another big milestone. 

At 6 months he was rolling around, started eating some fruit and vegetables, and started sleeping through the night. 

At 7 months he got his first 2 teeth. 

At 8 months he was crawling and clapping his hands. 

At 9 months he’s starting to stand up every chance he gets whether that’s in the crib, along the couch, or the bidet!  Mamma and Baby BoyCan someone please make time slow down?! All these milestones are so fun to be a part of. I had no idea how much love and pride I would have for my little boy. Instead of feeling like I’m anticipating the next big mile stone I just want time to slow down so I can enjoy this special time before it completely passes by in the blink of an eye. 

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