Baby Weaning

Baby weaning is no simple task for any parent. It takes time and patience. And once you think you got a hang of getting baby to eat, his appetite might suddenly change or he starts playing with his food and throwing it around. 

Sometimes trying to think of different meals to prepare for Baby T feels difficult. It seems that every different source out there has a different opinion of what and when babies should eat certain foods. When to introduce meat and fish and which fruits and vegetables are ok. Are yogurt and cheese ok? Are canned foods like chickpeas and lentils ok? When is a good time to introduce eggs? Is there too much salt? Too much sugar? Messy Baby FoodIt doesn’t help that along with all these different opinions our pediatrician also has the expectation that we prepare Baby T’s meals ourselves and avoid jarred baby food. Every time I tell her that I’m not always able to prepare his food myself she seems shocked. She also assumed that I regularly ate eggs, bacon, and porridge for breakfast and I must eat a lot of peanut butter because I’m American so it’d better to avoid those foods for now. 

Baby weaning in Italy is a little different than in other parts of the world. For example when we first started to introduce solids it was recommended that we add little bit of olive oil and parmesan cheese! It’s also common to to start with rabbit and lamb meat since they’re white meats opposed to ham or beef. And it’s definitely strange when horse meat is sold in the baby food section!  Baby Horse FoodEssentially, I’ve decided that I’m just going to give Baby T what I feel is right. So I’m avoiding any food items with added sugar and trying to keep a balanced menu with lots of fruits and vegetables and little meat and some fish. Thankfully he seems to enjoy pretty much anything for now. Baby Finger Food I’ve had fun trying to come up with some recipes that are baby friendly that he can manage to eat on his own. I’ll be posting some of these recipes over the summer, so keep an eye out!