To Do List and Weekly Calendar

How often do you make a “to do list”? 

Does a list help you stay organized or does it just make you feel overwhelmed? 

In an attempt to try to be more organized between what needs to get done at home, what I need to do for work, what Luca needs to do, and general house keeping like grocery shopping, bills that need to be paid, and all sorts of things that need to get done, I made this PDF to print out weekly or bi-weekly. So far it seems to have helped us be a little more organized.

We have calendars on our phones that we share with each other but we don’t often look at the calendar app and so in the end we forget what the other person has written down. For a while I was just making some notes on a piece of paper but then it would get lost in between other papers or accidentally get thrown away. We often found ourselves frustrated that we had forgotten 

So I finally created a more “official” to do list that I print out and put on the counter in an obvious place. There are bullet points where anything that needs to get done can be written down. At the bottom of the page is a blank week so any events or important dates can be written down. There are also two black boxes which can used however you want. I usually use one to start a grocery list. 

I uploaded this as a PDF so you can download it for free. Just click on the link below the photo. I hope it can be as useful and helpful to you as it has been for me! 

To Do List

To Do List