Cena Bruciaculo – Dinner on Fire


A spicy dinner for those who think they can handle the heat! 

Our friend enjoys spicy food, so much so, that when we go over to his house for dinner we have to remind him that are palettes can’t handle spicy as much as he can. 

At one point he also started to grow some of his own pepper plants in his garden and he had a nice collection of some of the hottest peppers around. 

My husband enjoyed some of the hot habanero olive oil he gifted us, although only in moderation. 

So when he caught word of a spicy-themed dinner we immediately signed up. Pepper NecklaceThis was the 5th year they hosted this spicy hot themed dinner, located in the heart of Tuscany in Vescovado di Murlo. It’s called Cena Bruciaculo which literally translates to Burning Ass Dinner. 

It was a nice, small, community organized event with just a limited number seats available for 20 euros. It made the event feel welcoming and there were lots of people who also enjoy peppers and have made a hobby out of growing them. There were even a few people going around sharing their homemade salsas withe everyone. Homemade Spicy SalsaThe dinner started with a mixed plate appetizer.  There was spicy salami, peppered cheese, stuffed jalapeño peppers, nduja (a spicy calabrese salami), and hot tomato salsa bruschetta. Spicy Dinner- Mixed Appetizer PlateThe first dish was Spaghetti with Nduja which is a spicy salami typically from Calabria made with chili peppers and paprika. Spicy Dinner - Spaghetti al ndujaAfter the first course was served, they had a hot wings eating competition. Our friend wanted to participate. So he signed up, and the challenge was to eat 6 hot wings within 6 minutes. There was a guy there who was a total pro and managed to eat 12 wings in 6 minutes. Most contestants said the difficulty wasn’t the spice but the quantity. So these guys were all pros and it was mentioned that next year the wings need to be even hotter. 

The second course was Habanero Marinated Chili con Carne. Habanero ChiliThey served a platter with a milder version of the hot wings from competition as well as spicy peppers on the side. 

And to finish there was a Habanero Flourless Chocolate Cake. This cake was a hit or miss, some bites were flaming hot, and others were just like any normal chocolate cake. 

Habanero Flourless Chocolate Cake

I enjoy the taste of spicy food, but I can’t handle it, so I mostly avoid it. Thankfully, they offered a non-spicy menu. However, it definitely wasn’t near as tasty as the themed menu, but at least I could enjoy the night while still being able to eat something!  Spicy Dinner VenueThis was a fun evening which might just become a yearly tradition! 

Do you think you could have made it through the whole dinner? 

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