Happy Friday!

Stand here and loveHappy Friday y’all!

I’m so glad the weather has finally dropped a bit in Bologna. I do enjoy an Indian Summer, but when its still almost 80 degrees in October, something just doesn’t feel quite right. But the weather has finally cooled down a bit, and the mornings are perfect for making a cup of coffee and relaxing in a sweater and cozy slippers. Pumpkin muffins and latteWhile you take a break at work on a Friday afternoon or at home starting your weekend, check out some of these links from around the web. 

This made me laugh! Who can relate? 

I can’t believe this made it into the New York Times

Great empathy, increased productivity, less risk of disease– sounds great! 

I’ve been eyeing these shoes– should I buy them? 

The next pumpkin muffins I want to make this weekend. 

I finally started reading this book – it feels a little relevant to today! 

The picture for this post was taken in San Francisco. We were heading towards the Golden Gate Bridge and the words “Stand here and think of someone you love” was spray painted on a wall. I thought it was worth snapping a picture of. So today also think of someone you love and let them know! 

Happy Friday! Get outside and enjoy the weekend! 

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