West Coast Road Trip

USA West Coast Road TripThis past summer we took a rather daring road trip around the West Coast of the United States. I say daring because we were traveling with our 14 month old baby. We decided to take this trip as the way to arrive to my friend’s wedding on the Oregon Coast. 

Both Luca and I had places we wanted to visit so we tried to fit in as much as we could in 16 days trying to account for distance and driving time. 

For the next couple weeks on the blog I’ll have what’s called Travel Tuesdays and each Tuesday the post will be about a different location we visited during our road trip. 

We made some amazing memories while driving around the U.S. and at times the journey felt long, tiresome, and stressful but often upon arrival at our destination, we were glad we went through the stress to get there because the views were breathtaking. 

We left Minneapolis on August 10 and we had to be in Canon Beach in Oregon by the 26th. We had most of our trip booked up until the 23rd. Then we actually weren’t sure what we would do. In the end, this is what our itinerary turned out to be.

Our West Coast Road Trip:

August 10: Fly into Las Vegas, NV

August 11: Grand Canyon, AZ

August 12: Monument Valley, Horseshoe Bend, UT 

August 13: Las Vegas, NV

August 14: Drive down to Los Angeles, CA

August 15: Los Angeles, CA

August 16: Sequoia National Park, CA

August 17: Los Angeles, CA

August 18: Drive Big Sur, CA

August 19-22: San Francisco, CA

August 23: Napa Valley, CA

August 24: Drive to Redding, CA 

August 25: Crater Lake, Oregon

August 26: Portland, Oregon

August 27: Gearhart, Oregon

August 28- 29: Cannon Beach, Oregon 

West Coast Road Trip Map

So as you can see from our itinerary we were pushing it. With only an extended stay in San Francisco and in Oregon we were pretty much sleeping in a different place each night. We mostly used Airbnb for our trip which ended up working out really nicely and also had us feeling like we could eat a little healthier and save some money on meals. 

So stayed tuned to hear about some of these spectacular, unique places in the US of A! lets-hit-the-road