Visiting Las Vegas in 24 Hours

Las Vegas in 24 hours! las-vegas in 24 hours

The first stop on our road trip was Vegas. We flew in here as a starting point so we could visit the Grand Canyon. 

Vegas was not at all what I expected it to be. 

It is literally in the middle of the desert. Flying into the city felt strange because the view from the airplane just showed desert stretching out and then you arrive in this lighted busy city in the middle of no where. img_1617

Las Vegas was also much smaller than I had anticipated. What is considered to be “the strip” wasn’t as long as I thought it would be, and it’s not as “WOW!” as I expected. It was actually difficult to take pictures because there were so many ugly things in the way. It felt like a Disney World for adults. If didn’t have a baby with us and had more time it would have been nice to try to catch a show and see what it’s like to be in a club with Calvin Harris as the DJ. 

We stayed the LINQ hotel which was actually nicely located right on the strip and had a free parking garage. However trying to navigate getting from the parking garage to our hotel was so confusing that I am convinced Vegas is purposefully designed to make you get lost so that you spend more money and stay out later. img_1601 

 We had our 14 month old son with us, which limited a lot of things we could do since of course no one under 21 is allowed in the casinos. So as soon as we got settled into our room we hit the strip to explore the city. 

We happened to pass in front of Bellagio right as the water fountain show was starting. We stopped and watched and it was beautiful! We took some videos of it since we thought Baby T might like it (at this point he had fallen asleep in the stroller) and he absolutely loves watching the water show and the Bocelli music that accompanied it. bellagio fountain

I’ll admit that I am a Gordon Ramsey fan, and since Ramsey has more than one restaurant in Vegas we thought we would try to eat at one. We were close to BURGR, so we waited in line and ate two burgers and got some famous toffee pudding to end the evening. img_1614

The next afternoon we spent in Vegas was on the return from the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley. This time we stayed in the Super 8 hotel which was just a few blocks off of the strip. We waited a little white before going out since during the day the temperatures are too high to walk around comfortably and safely. But as soon as the sun sets you can get sight see. 

We walked around Little Venice and Luca and stopped in Ceasars Palace to play some black jack and walked away after winning $200 to play it safe. While Luca was at the tables Baby T and I ate at Serendipity 3. Apparently this restaurant is known for its gigantic portions. It was so expensive, but I guess the price has to do with the size. img_1606

The next morning we hit the road and stopped at the famous Welcome to Vegas sign before getting on the highway to drive to Los Angeles. 

So with just 2 half days in Vegas we were able to:

Walk the strip at night twice, 

Walk around Venice,

Eat at Gordon Ramsey’s BURGR,

Gamble at Cesar’s Palace,

Watch the fountain show at Bellagio’s, 

Oh, and spent the morning in the ER for food poisoning! 

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