Grand Canyon and Monument Valley

Driving to the Grand Canyon and Monument Valleygrand-canyon -monument-valleyWe headed out early morning from Vegas to drive out to the Grand Canyon. To break up the drive we stopped at the Hoover Dam. It was so quick stop since it was so hot outside. There were warning signs everywhere to drink lots of water and to be careful of the heat. We barely made it to the dam and we were already sweating. Hoover DamWith Baby T in tow we decided it would be better to grab another bottle of water and relax in the dining/gift shop space and then get back on the road. But it was cool to see an important historical landmark for the United States. 

It was quite a drive to the Grand Canyon. We drove to the South Rim. After arriving at the park entrance and driving and finding a parking space at Mather Point, we arrived just in time to catch the sunset. Even if we were there for maybe only an hour, it was worth it. Grand CanyonThe Grand Canyon is absolutely breathtaking! And when the sun sets the colors of the canyon change in incredible ways from orange to reds to purple hues. Grand CanyonGrand CanyonWe ate dinner at one of the two restaurants at the Grand Canyon South Rim. It actually wasn’t too bad and was child friendly which was super helpful having some good dinner choices and a high chair for the baby. 

Then we continued our drive to Page, Arizona in the dark. 

We woke up early and hoped to see Monument Valley, Horseshoe Bend, and Antelope Canyon. It was a pretty crazy idea to think we could get all of those activities in one day. Unfortunately we discovered too late that we needed to book way in advance for a tour of Antelope Canyon. When Luca had visited it a few years ago it wasn’t high season and so he got into a tour right away. Instead we had to wait hours and hours and then were warned that we would have to stand outside of the canyon in the direct sun and heat before entering – so it probably wasn’t wise with a baby.Monument ValleyMonument Valley So, bummed that we couldn’t see Antelope Canyon, we got in the car and headed to Monument Valley. After driving around the unique sandstone buttes we headed back to Page and stopped at Horseshoe Bend. Horseshoe BendHorseshoe BendHorseshoe BendWhat surprised me was that these weren’t really places where you drive to, park, walk around and hang out a few hours. Because it’s so hot, you pretty much arrive, take some photos, enjoy the view for a couple minutes and then head back. So most of the day was actually spent driving in the car. But the drives were worth these amazing views! 

To get back to Vegas, we decided to drive through Utah and so we slept in Kanab. We stayed at Aikens Lodge, which was in the top 3 of places to sleep during our trip. We found out later that Kanab if famous because it was where many western movies were filmed. It’s a quaint town with a main street with some typical western buildings. Aikens Lodge

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