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A cheat sheet to help you quickly have the conversion from cups to grams and milliliters. 

I’m excited about this post and hope it will be helpful to other people who enjoy baking and cooking! 

Living in Europe I often that I’m stuck in the middle of a recipe needing to convert cups to grams or grams to cups or liquid measurements into milliliters. If I happen to be on top of things I will remember to make all conversions before starting a recipe.

It has also happened that I make a grocery list for a dessert and realize I didn’t figure out all the conversions before hand so I usually end up buying too much of an ingredient. 

Over time I a few of these conversions I have memorized and I actually have started just to eye a lot of recipes because I can’t be bothered to actually figure out what the correct measurements are. So I finally made this baking conversion PDF that I can print out and keep in my kitchen or have on file on my phone so that if it to quick look at it, I’ll have it hand.

Feel free to download this PDF as well and keep it in your favorite cookbook or hang it up on your fridge or on a kitchen cupboard and never feel lost again trying to make conversions on the spot. 

I should have made this a long time ago, so it’s finally here and I hope it will be put to good use! 

Happy baking! 

Click on the link below to get the baking conversions PDF. 

Baking Conversions

Baking Conversions