11 months ago

1st Birthday Party

Baby T turned one back in June. Even though he was only 12 months old and probably won’t remember, we still wanted to have a birthday party to gather friends together and celebrate his life.We Keep Reading

1 year ago

Baby Weaning

Baby weaning is no simple task for any parent. It takes time and patience. And once you think you got a hang of getting baby to eat, his appetite might suddenly change or he starts Keep Reading

1 year ago

Visiting Bologna in 24 hours

The other weekend some friends were traveling around Italy and they stopped in to Bologna to visit us. We had just 24 short hours to show them around our stomping grounds. Surprisingly, Bologna isn’t in Keep Reading

1 year ago

Apple Banana Baby Muffins

Now that Baby T has 6 teeth it’s been fun introducing him to new foods that are different than his usual purees and baby food. The other day, around snack time, I decided that I’d Keep Reading

1 year ago

Happy Friday!

It’s Easter weekend! I hope you are all able to have a relaxing weekend spent with friends and family and are reminded of the ultimate sacrifice. We are spending the weekend in Tuscany and it’s Keep Reading