3 years ago

Greece- Santorini

Oh Santorini.  Whenever Greece was mentioned two things came to mind, the first was Athens and the second was Santorini. I enjoy perusing pinterest and more than once, beautiful magical looking photos of Santorini would Keep Reading

4 years ago

The Dolomiti

The Italian thing to do in the winter is to go skiing. Luca has gone snowboarding with his friends for many years over the winter holidays, celebrating New Years up in the mountains. Since we Keep Reading

4 years ago


The last post about our summer trip to Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia.  We had booked the last few days of our trip at the Perhentian Islands because we were sure there would be nice weather. Keep Reading

4 years ago

Andaman Sea

A very late post about our time in South West Thailand. Apart from are urban and nature adventures we had, we also wanted to get some time in on the beach and Thailand is famous Keep Reading

4 years ago

Northern Thailand

So apart from cooking classes and jungle hiking, we also took a very long, full day trip to visit some hot springs, the famous White Temple, the Golden Triangle, the border of Thailand and Myanmar, Keep Reading

4 years ago

Chiang Mai

After our adventures in Bangkok, we took a VIP night bus up to Chiang Mai. The buses in Thailand, are actually really a great way to travel around. If you get a first class ticket Keep Reading

4 years ago


Bangkok, Thailand is busy, fast, crowded, colorful, and full of excitement. We had 4 days to explore this dynamic city and I’m going to divide it up into two parts: Food and Temples.  Thailand is Keep Reading

4 years ago


In early July, Luca and I finally decided what we were going to do for our Summer holiday. Luca had three weeks off, and we talked about going everywhere from the USA, to Sicily, to Keep Reading