4 years ago

Amalfi Coast

It’s been hard to get away for a weekend since I work Saturday mornings and so it doesn’t give us much time. However, Wednesday May 1st was a holiday, and so we decided to take advantage of Keep Reading

5 years ago

Fernando de Noronha

Our honeymoon came to an end with four relaxing days on the archipelago, Brazilian island of Fernando de Noronha. It is a beautiful, small island, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, with what are Keep Reading

5 years ago

Foz de Iguaçu

The Iguazu Falls lie on the border of Argentina and Brazil. The name comes from the native Gaurani language Y for “water” and ûsaú for “big”, and in fact these falls are incredibly powerful and Keep Reading

5 years ago


I definitely have taken way to long of a hiatus with my blog! I have been busy enjoying the hot hot heat of the summer, going back to the states for a quick weekend to see Keep Reading

5 years ago

Napoli / Capri

May 1st was Italy’s Labor Day.  It happened to fall on a Tuesday, so we took a long weekend trip down south to Napoli and Capri. I had been to Napoli before two other times, Keep Reading

5 years ago

A Visit

This past week my Mom was able to come visit it me for a few days in Bologna. Since she was in Spain it was relatively close and so we got to spend 4 days Keep Reading